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Events for December, 2017
There are no events scheduled for this month. Please check back often, as we are always adding new events.

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 Mt. Grant General Hospital is pleased to welcome Dr. David Rivas to our staff!  Dr. Rivas graduated from the Western University of Health Sciences as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in 1992. He completed a General Surgery Internship at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California and a Residency in Family Medicine at Riverside General Hospital University Medical Center in Riverside, California.  He has practiced in many states including CA, NE, NV, IN, ...
Visiting Physicians Schedule
RenownCardiology Monthly 775-982-2400 Annex*
Dr. Thomas McMeekinPodiatric  Monthly 775-355-8812 Annex*
Dr. Robert RosenquistEndocrinology Quarterly 775-741-4922 Annex*
Drs. Stanko & DurantOphthalmology Monthly 800-639-0393 Hospital
Dr. Paul Fry, Orthopedic Surgeon Monthly 800-500-1135 Annex*
Dr. Von Feldmann, Gastroenterology Monthly 775-336-2777 Clinic
Dr. Lionel RuckstuhlPsychologist Monthly 775-945-2230 Clinic